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Want to make more money blogging? Or are you creating a blog and want to start off with the best business strategy?

Take this course and you will be on the path to turning your passion into your paycheck. You will be provided with steps that you can take to gain loyal readers and create diverse revenue streams.

I will share with you what I wish I knew when I first started my journey:

  • Develop a strategy to stand out and uniquely position your blog for success. If you aren’t getting the traction you hoped for this may be exactly why. Many people often fail here, I even did at first! Structure your blog with a clear direction.
  • Improve the design of your blog even if you are not a coder and do not have graphic design skills. I will also teach you how to design your blog to keep the attention of your visitor, gain more subscribers and earn more revenue.
  • Learn about all of the ways to monetize your site to create diverse revenue streams. There may be some that you are not using and some income you are missing out on.
  • Discover how you can use your current content to continuously work to generate traffic and revenue.
  • Produce quality SEO optimized content that gets high views and social shares.
  • Use email marketing to gain more traffic and monetize your campaigns.

You will be provided with a wealth of information that will set you on the right track to make money blogging. Rest assured the content in this course is broken down into easy to digest videos, so you won’t be too overwhelmed or bored out of your mind!

The course starts off by discussing realistic expectations and a look at what it takes to earn income online. Making money blogging is hard work, but well worth it once you reach your goals!

Blogging is a career that can provide you with financial flexibility by adding to your income or it can provide the ultimate freedom by allowing you to be your own boss. What I love most about my blogging career is that the only limit to what I earn is the limitations that I set. I can earn as little or as much as I want, it’s all about how hard I am willing to work.

Thousands upon thousands of blogs are created each day, yet only a select few earn any sort of revenue and even fewer are successful enough to be a source of full-time income. I have become part of that select few. My blog went from a little space on the net to a thriving blog business that receives over 600,000 pageviews per month, over 50,000 newsletter subscribers and over 25,000 social network followers.

This has growth has enabled me to produce a decent living and I only see myself going up from here as I have continued to progress. The monetizing and marketing strategies I share will not only show you how to earn, but how to keep growing your earnings potential. This course has something for everyone who wants to make money blogging.

Does this sound sweet? Get ready to position your blog for success and get on the path to earning more by enrolling today!

  • Section 1: All About Blogging 

  • Section 2: Blogging Strategy 

    • Niche Blog
    • Broad Blog
    • Case Study: Niche vs Broad Blog Topics
    • Niche vs. Broad Quiz
    • Answer This #1
  • Section 3: Getting Your Web Design on Point 

    • Improve Your Blog Design Without Knowing How to Code
    • Resources for Improving Design
    • Answer This #2!
  • Section 4: How to Make Money from Your Blog 

    • Overview of Ways to Make Money from Blogging
    • Ad Networks
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Direct Advertising
    • Giveaways
    • Webinars/Virtual Events
    • Meetups
    • eCommerce
    • Recycling
    • Tracking Self Employed Income for Taxes
    • Answer This #3!
  • Section 5: Produce Quality Content 

    • How to Structure Blog Posts
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Section 6: Stay Consistent 

    • Remaining Consistent
    • Your Blogging Schedule
  • Section 7: Social Media for Brand Awareness  

    • Social Media Marketing
    • Case Study: Social Media Done Right
    • Reading: 10 Best Practices to Build Your Brand via Social Media
  • Section 8: Email Marketing 

    • Email Marketing
  • Section 9: You Did it, Course Completed! 

    • You’ve Completed the Course! Congrats!

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