Here’s how you can start growing your list:

#1 Put your signup form above the fold on your website.


#2 Put your signup form inside of blog posts if you have a blog.


#3 Use popup forms on your website that collect emails.


#4 In your social media profiles put the link to your email list in your bio.


#5 If you are able to direct message on the social media platform invite followers to your email list.


#6 Use Pinterest to draw free traffic to your blog if this social network is a good fit. Then collect the lead via a popup form on your website or form that is within your blog post.


#7 Use Facebook’s paid advertising to collect leads. You can spend as low as 5 cents per lead.


#8 Offer something enticing to encourage people to signup to your list like a free eBook, report or a discount for example.


#9 Tell people what they can expect from joining your newsletter. For example, “Free hair growth tips, discounts and offers”.


#10 Value acquiring leads over acquiring social media followers. Social networks come and go, they also frequently change things that make it more pricey or harder to reach your followers. Gain them as a lead as your first priority then you can promote your social networks to them later.

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