Especially when you are new to Facebook ads it can be very tempting to give up easy and it doesn’t help if your first experience didn’t have the outcome you expected. However, note that Facebook ads go through what is called the “Learning Phase”.

During this period it is optimizing and studying which users are the best fit to show your ads to. If you cancel the ad before it completes this phase then you will never know if your ad was a hit or a miss.

If it goes will beyond this point and you are paying a dollar or more per click then you can re-edit or come up with a new plan of action as the goal is for you to be paying cents per view, per link click or landing page visit.

Done right you can spend as little as $5 per day and reach a hundred or more people.

When you target properly you can be growing your email list effortlessly or drawing traffic to your website or product pages.

More about targeting can be found here: Facebook Ad Success 101

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