Have email subscribers that aren’t buying it? I’ve been using this strategy for some time now, but I made a revision to make it more automated and less stressful. Here’s exactly what I am doing:

email subscribers not buying

1. Develop a really GOOD in depth eBook or use a quality one that you have already. Price it so that it will be more an impulsive buy ($2 -$10.00). Start here with people who do not seem to be converting with you so that you can gain their trust.

2. Send an email with a personal photo of you. People like pictures of people ideally one that is showing the results of what your eBook will teach. In my case I showed a picture of my hair growth as I am selling a hair growth eBook. Give a tip (a good one detailed) then follow that up with how you expand more upon this and more in your eBook.

3. Put a time-frame on the offer ex. expires in 3 days then back to regular price – Actually stick to it and up the price. I started with $2.00 and then I said if you don’t buy today the price will go up. Today I upped it to $2.99 and reminded subscribers it will go up again. Tomorrow I will be upping to $3.99 and I will keep this going until I get back to my $10.00 markup.

4. For the one’s that don’t bite right away, but show interest send them a reminder email. Make sure this email is only going to people that have actually CLICKED your offer, so you are sending the email to people who actually want to see it and not annoying those who are not interested. (you can automate/ pre-schedule this).

5. Set a time-frame to upsell (the first purchase does earn your customer’s trust and the book helps to establish your authority) I used this technique for a while now but instead of using the eBook I used my hair product samples (but it became too overwhelming, not efficient enough, shipping expense etc. – the eBook technique is so much easier because it is all automated)

Have you tried anything like this before? Did it work?

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