The short answer is: as often as possible.

#1 Weed out people who are not really that interested in what you are offering (at some point the larger your list grows you are paying for these people to be stored on your list).

#2 People have lives and they don’t always open promotional emails. Sending frequently keeps you on their radar.

Worried about scaring people away?
If they don’t feel like reading your email, then they just won’t open it, they will delete it if the subject doesn’t interest them or they will read it when they have the time. If they unsubscribe they weren’t big fans to begin with and you don’t want to pay for wasted space.

My favorite store Charming Charlie emails me just about every day:

Same thing for Express although I haven’t been there in years.

There’s a reason why these companies spend big money to email constantly and you should follow suit.

Thinx has a great strategy. In 2016 they emailed me every few days, however they definitely took note that I was not opening the emails so fast forward to present they still email me, but only when there’s a big sale. I actually use this technique by delivering my tip emails to everyone on my list as often as I can and only sending sales emails to subscribers that are actively engaged.

This way I am offering value to everyone, only nudging for sales from my most interested subscribers and not using up my entire send limit.

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