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Not seeing the results you would like when you send out your emails? Here are seven simple tips that will help you to improve:

#1 Keep your subject short and to the point

Most people are reading their emails on mobile devices so if you have a subject title that is too long it will be cut off and out of view.

#2 Make your email subject enticing

Think of your audience when you create emails. What do they want to learn more about?

In my industry it would be “Get more moisturized hair”, what does your audience want to get?

Shock value doesn’t hurt either, ex:

“You’ll never guess what happened…”

Emoiji’s are also good for making your titles more lively. Just make sure it relates to the message that you are sending and don’t over do it.

Use your subscriber’s name in the email, it helps to make it more personal.

Try using a lower case format, it makes the subject look less like a promotional email.

Your goal is to make your title click worthy and stand out from others.

#3 Limit the amount of images that you use

When emails have a lot of images they tend to go to gmail’s promotional tab and in this case many gmail users may never even see your email. Use 1 image, 2 at the max.

According to MailChimp they have found that although they offer many templates for their emails, people who are getting the best results are using basic templates that follow the format of having 1 image, 200 words at most and then a call to action.

#4 Limit the amount of links that you use

Again, this is a signal that the email is promotional for gmail users.  Another thing to add is that you want to give the reader usually one clear call to action for best results.

#5 Keep a regular schedule and send often

This helps people get a sense of when they are likely to hear from you when you stick to a certain time-frame. Also don’t be worried about sending often, it helps to weed out those who aren’t really interested.

#6 Be mindful of the times and days that you send

You ultimately will have to go through trial and error to see what days and times work best for you, but here’s a starting point:

  • Send according to your subscriber’s timezone if you have this feature.
  • Send at times where people are likely to be free (early morning, lunch time and late evening).
  • If it is a sales email and you haven’t had sales during the week try sending on common pay days like Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

#7 Lastly, keep this in mind…

source: MailChimp



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