The image that you use for your ads play a big role in the results that you get. Let’s talk about the best types of photos to use when you are planning on promoting.

There are a number of free photo sources that you can use that offer stock photos. A few are:


These resources offer non-cheesy photos that can be used free of charge for commercial purposes. However, when you are selecting photos for advertisements on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter there is a certain type of photo that tends to out-perform others.

Take a look at these photos. Notice anything about them?

The backgrounds are not busy and they have bright colors that catch the attention (don’t go for photos with white backgrounds). Aim to find photos like the examples above. When using the photo examples shown above look at my results:


I didn’t pay one dime to Pinterest to promote this pin. I just used an image without a busy background, and bold large text.

Sometimes, it’s just one simple adjustment that you can make that will make a world of difference in the outcome of your promotions.

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