Not using Instagram or Facebook stories? You should be, here’s why:

#1 It gives you exposure to people who are not already following you (make sure your location is listed in your profile and tag the video if possible). Instagram will show your video to people in your area.

#2 It builds trust for the people who are following you already and encourages them to try your services or products.

#3 When you post a new story it notifies people who have updates enabled right away.

#4 It can be source of website traffic. When you are under 10k subscribers you can’t directly link to a website with Instagram stories but you place text with the website address on the video and verbally push people to visit your website. When you reach 10k subscribers you can put links to websites in your stories on Instagram.

#5 If you don’t have the time to always go live or record content, use pre-recorded content in the meantime. Use the FREE apps mentioned in this post to divide your video into segments so it can be posted to your Instagram Story (Instagram stories only allows you to upload 30 second long clips).


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